Live every day with purpose. Select an activity that nourishes your mind, body and soul,
and donate money to your favorite charity, fundraiser or 529 Plan.

1purpose gives you the tools and the inspiration to achieve your personal goals, and then contribute 100% of funds raised to an organization or college plan of your choice. We will motivate you to stay committed to your healthy lifestyle and track your path to success. 1purpose is simple, fun and free. Live Inspired!  LEARN MORE

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…a way to support my local charity on a regular basis
Jason P, Philadelphia, PA more
I unfortunately lost my mom to cancer and have always looked for ways to support the research for a cure.
Marissa M., Los Angeles, CA more
Knowing that money is going to a worthy cause like my son’s 529 college plan for every mile I run
Robert B, Reno, NV more
…it allows me to support my favorite charity the diabetes foundation.
Richard W, Boynton Beach, FL more
I joined the 1Purpose website to encourage my friends to participate with my love of healthy living.
Carly B, Long Island, NY more

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