Frequently Asked Questions

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About 1 Purpose

How is this different from other online giving sites or organizations?

With 1Purpose, you are making a proactive daily commitment to enrich your mind, body or spirit, while at the same time giving back to your community or specific cause. Because your actions are aligned with your core beliefs you are more likely to achieve your goals while making a true difference in the lives of others.

How much of my donation passes directly to the charity of my choosing?

1Purpose does not take a penny from the donation. Network 4 Good, our secure processing partner, takes a small fee to cover the operational costs of making the contribution. In fact, 1Purpose also gives back by donating 10% of our profits generated through our merchandise sales to the top 5 charities selected by our users each year.

Does 1Purpose give back?

Excellent question! Our company was founded on the core principle that giving back is essential for healthy and mindful living. Therefore, we also give back in a meaningful way – 10% of our profits, in fact! At the end of each year, the top 5 charities as selected by 1Purpose users will each receive 2% of the profits generated through our merchandise sales.


Registration Process

What is the process to register?

Complete the information form and create your User ID and unique password. Click “Register” to submit your information. An email confirming your registration will be sent to the email address you specify. Be sure to check you SPAM or bulk folder if you do not receive the email momentarily.

How much does it cost?

1Purpose is FREE! Track all the benefits of nourishing your mind, body and soul without any cost to you. Enjoy!

How do I sign up for a 1 Purpose Plan with a group?

After you complete the registration process you may search for an existing program on the 1purpose homepage. If you wish to join a team as a participant please click the “participate” button on the team page and an email will be sent to the team administrator to approve your participation.

Can I sign up for a 1 Purpose Plan for a special event like a race?

Yes. You can sign up for a special event by creating a team page and inviting others to donate based on your accomplishments or set goals. But, 1Purpose also encourages you to select an ongoing goal that you can achieve through daily steps. This is what makes us unique. Your favorite charity or selected college plan will enjoy the continuous benefit of your support just by completing your small, daily goals while you receive the benefits of working on your core beliefs for a healthy mind, body or spirit.


Choosing the Charity or Fundraiser

How are charities validated to be an option with 1Purpose?

1Purpose has a strategic partnership with Guidestar, which is dedicated to providing honest information about non-profit organizations to establish their creditability. With their guidance, 1Purpose takes the necessary steps and due diligence to ensure the charity or cause you wish to donate to is well-established and validated.

Can I donate to any charity even if it is not on the selection list?

If your desired charity is not on the selection list, then send us an email with the name, address and cause of the organization and we will work with Guidestar to have your choice added to their database if possible. We will also keep you updated as to the status of your request.

How do I get a charity or non-protit organization approved?

Send us an email with the name, address and cause of the organization, and after a detailed verification process, we will respond to you whether it can be successfully added to the list. We understand that you would like to have your charity added as quickly as possible, so we promise to work diligently with Guidestar to complete all the required steps necessary as quickly and efficiently as possible. We will keep you updated with the status of your request.


Working with 529 Plans

How can I donate to a 529 Plan?

This feature is coming soon.

How do I start a 529 Plan or college fund?

Starting and maintaining a 529 Plan or college fund is a fantastic way to plan for a child’s education. Unfortunately, 1 Purpose cannot directly assist with the development of a new plan – only one that currently exists. There are many popular plans like Vanguard and Fidelity that you could work with to establish a Section 529 plan of your choice.


Create Your Plan

What is a Personal Plan?

1purpose was created to allow you to transform your daily fitness or well being routine into a fundraiser for your favorite cause. As you progress towards your personal goals your charity or cause will also benefit.

How do I create my Personal Plan?

Click the “Fundraise” link on the homepage of the 1purpose site. A “Start Fundraising” box will appear. Please follow the prompts to complete the set up of your personal program.

 Can I ask others to join me?

Absolutely! You can invite friends, family, or other like-minded individuals to join your team. Once you create your program you can email the link to your team page or post the link on Facebook.

Tracking the Progress

In what ways can I measure my progress?

1purpose has pre-loaded common units of measurement for all activities. You will be able to measure your progress in miles, minutes, or other units specific to the activities selected.

How can I track my progress?

1Purpose provides two convenient ways to track your progress – by entering information online or through our free mobile application (app) manually. For some activities, progress can be updated automatically from the GPS enabled mobile app and uploaded to your user page to track distances, time or volume.

How does 1Purpose help me stay on track toward my goal?

1Purpose can proactively help you stay on track by sending email reminders of your progress as well as provide an Interactive Community Forum that can provide support and motivation when you need it most.


Making the Donation

How can I be assured that my money has been sent to and received by the charity or college fund?

You will receive an email confirmation from Network for Good or Freshman Fund within 48 hours of your contribution.

Will I receive any tax deduction paperwork for my contribution?

Yes. A tax receipt will be emailed immediately after the transaction is processed.

Can other people also donate based on my progress and accomplishments?

Yes! Building a community of support will help you stay on track and reach your goal with success. Friends, family or your business can certainly donate based on your progress. Once you create your personal fundraising page, you can easily send a link to family and friends via email or post the link to your Facebook page.

Are there any associated fees with making the donation?

1Purpose does not take a penny for profit from your donation. To assist with the administration and facilitation of your collected donation to your chosen charity or plan, Network for Good subtracts a nominal 4.75% fee before depositing the funds.



Can someone donate to the cause I have selected?

Yes! If someone visits your personal program page they will have the option to contribute to the causes you have chosen. They can click the “Donate” button and the donation screen will appear pre-loaded with your charity or charities.

How can someone "Sponsor" my program?

A friend or family member can simply click on the “Sponsor” button on your personal program page. They will then be able to sponsor you based on your progress. As your progress towards your personal goals your sponsor will contribute money towards the charities you have selected.

What if someone wants to participate with me?

Someone who becomes a participant on your team will join with you in supporting the charity or charities you have chosen. However, their contributions are based on their progress for the activities that they have chosen. Simply, click “Participate” on the personal program page.



Can a non-profit organization create a team on 1Purpose?

We strongly encourage non-profit organizations to create teams on 1purpose. By inviting your donor base to join a team and raise funds together for your cause it will strengthen your relationship with your supporters resulting in more frequent and larger gifts.

What does it cost?

Creating a team on 1purpose is 100% FREE!!

Can a for-profit business create a team on 1Purpose?

Definitely! Inviting your employees, clients or customers to join your team will create loyalty and goodwill. Strengthen relationships with these core constituencies in a way that typical cause marketing efforts cannot.

What does it cost?

Creating a team on 1purpose is 100% FREE!!


Privacy and Security

How is my personal information secured on the 1Purpose website?

1Purpose strongly believes in protecting your personal information and has taken the necessary steps to ensure your privacy and safety. For complete details, please read our Privacy Policy. If you still have questions, Contact Us

Can or will 1Purpose sell my personal information?

No. 1Purpose considers living an inspired life its number one goal, but a close second is confidentiality. All personal information you share with 1Purpose will not be shared with any outside party – ever.

How is my credit card information protected?

1Purpose has its trusted partner, Network for Good, handle all transactions safely and securely. Network for Good, an accredited non-profit organization since 2001, has handled over $500 million dollars in online transactions and has delivered with 100% the donations to over 60,000 different charities and non-profit organizations. Their website has also been accredited by the Better Business Bureau. All information stored and transmitted through their site remains private and secured.

How does the financial transaction work to make the donation to my charity or organization of choice?

Network for Good automatically provides an on-screen and e-mail receipt for each transaction you make. When you make a donation, be sure to save and/or print the confirmation e-mail you receive from Network for Good for your tax records. If you need a paper receipt for IRS purposes, please send your request to


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