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1purpose Motivator Android                                                                             1purpose Motivator iPhone and iPad 

Set and meet your fitness, weight and personal goals. The more you succeed the more money your charity or your children will receive. Track your progress with our in app GPS. See how many calories your workout burned with our personalized exercise calorie counter. Update your achievements in app.

Invite others to sponsor you or participate with you. Share pictures and video with your friends on your personal program page or on Facebook. Look for motivation or inspire others on the community message board.

  •    GPS function to track your walk, run, bike or other activity
  •    Personalized calorie counter to detail calories burned by weight and activity
  •    Stopwatch to calculate time spent reading, studying, practicing a musical instrument
  •    Automatically update progress to your 1purpose personal page
  •    Manually add activity to your personal page goals
  •    Post to your team's message board