What Others Say - Testimonials


1.  I have always wanted to find a way to support my local charity on a regular basis, but often get caught up in my everyday commitments and activities that I do not find the time to focus on this need in my life. With 1Purpose, now I can do what I love and give back at the same time! Jason P., Philadelphia 

2.  I unfortunately lost my mom to cancer and have always looked for ways to support the research for a cure. By signing up for 1Purpose, I can accomplish this goal while also including my mom’s memory in my daily activities. For every book I read, a donation goes to my favorite charity and, in a way, I feel like my mom is still a part of what I do and love. Marissa M., Los Angeles, CA

3.  Sometimes I need a little extra motivation to make sure I dedicate time for what is important in my life – being healthy. Knowing that money is going to a worthy cause like my son’s 529 college plan for every mile I run, it definitely encourages me to stay on track even a little longer than planned.  Robert B., Reno, Nevada


4.  I didn’t even know something like 1Purpose even existed, but I am so glad it does. Signing up was super simple and even helps me stay organized on what I need to accomplish on a weekly if not daily basis. I feel proud helping my church’s fundraising efforts by every dollar I dedicate and I find myself telling everyone I know how I am doing it – just by doing what I love which is yoga!  Arthur S., NYC


5.  Due to a really stressful job, I found myself gaining weight, eating poorly and generally not being a happy person. I realized that I needed to get healthy – both in mind and body – and had to find a way to take a little personal time each day to do so. With 1Purpose, not only am I achieving my goal of losing weight (almost 10 pounds so far!), but I am also giving back to an organization that is close to my heart. We all win!  Mary R., Detroit, MI


6.  My hat's off to 1purpose for helping me with my roller blading routine to help me control my diabetes. At the same time it allows me to support my favorite charity the diabetes foundation. Keep up the good work. Richard W. , Boynton Beach, FL


7.  It is a great feeling to know That 1purpose can help me accomplish my daily goals of walking and swimming and at the same time save for my granddaughter's college.  Penny L., Miami, FL


8.  The reason I am playing my violin for a dollar for World Wildlife Fund every time I practice is because I love to see animals running around so happily and healthy that I am encouraged to do this. Sarah Z., Age 8


9.  I joined the 1Purpose website to encourage my friends to participate with my love of healthy living.  We have four people on our team that run together almost every day.  Our cause is Breast Cancer Research.  Thanks 1Purpose… Carly B, Long Island, NY